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The 2022 edition of the Arab Science Week was launched with the theme “Towards a Sustainable Future”. The event covered various important and interesting topics, including Health Care and Disease Prevention, Water Security, Clean and Renewable Energy Sources, and Preserving Life Forms on Land and Sea.

To enhance the educational value of the event, activity packs were provided to serve as a guide for teachers, parents, and anyone interested in the educational field. These activity packs featured a number of exercises for students to practice in any setting, including their school, club, any organization, or even at their own homes with their families.

The 10-day event witnessed numerous activities, events, and sessions, with more than 80 partners participating from across the Arab world. The event culminated in a significant achievement, with 26,307 subscribers on the website and a reach rate of more than 3,265,050 on various social media platforms. Overall, the event was a resounding success, promoting the importance of science, education, and sustainability across the Arab world.

Date : October 15, 2022 – October 25, 2022