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Top 5 UAE Universities in Media Ranking for Research 2023

Over the past years, the United Arab Emirates has emerged as one of the best hubs in the Middle East for Academic Excellence, especially in the realm of Research. In 2018, The UAE increased its expenditure on research and development from 0.9% to 1.30% of GDP.  Following the increased interest in research advancement, the UAE witnessed a surge in the number of research papers by 22.7% in 2022, reaching 16,165 published documents, making it the 4th in the Arab Country Ranking for published research. 

The importance of science communication in Arabic realm.

Science communication in the Arab world is an exciting and rapidly growing field that is attracting the attention of professionals already immersed in the industry, as well as individuals aspiring to pursue a career in this field. Unfortunately, there are limited resources and opportunities for people who want to learn about science communication, especially in the Arabic language.

Effective strategies for communicating sustainability: Unlocking the power of value-based communication

Sustainability has become a hot topic in our world, with many organizations aiming towards aligning their practices with the principles of sustainability. However, communicating these practices effectively to the public remains a real challenge.

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