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What We DO

We are a science and sustainability communication consultancy helping our partners and clients drive social, economic, and environmental impact. 

We are a science and sustainability communication consultancy helping our partners and clients drive social, economic, and environmental impact.

We are dedicated to delivering results-driven strategies to each of our client’s challenges based on our science communication expertise, industry insights, and a deep understanding of their specific demands. Utilizing our cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies, we build customized solutions that quickly and efficiently address our client’s needs. Our team of professionals has the experience and resources necessary to guarantee that your project’s goals and expectations are met promptly and cost-effectively.

At SciCommX, we understand the value of effective and reliable communication in today’s fast-paced and complex corporate environment. Our commitment to excellence transcends every aspect of our services, ensuring that you receive the highest level of quality and customer service.

Our team of experts is ready and eager to equip you with the tools and strategies you need to succeed in the Science, Sustainability, Environment, and Health industries. Our dedication to superior service guarantees that you get quality advice during market research, strategic planning, and flawless execution.

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Our main goal is to bridge the gap between science and entertainment as two dissonant industries.


For nearly two years since its 2020 launch, SciComm X has been refining its position as a prominent firm in science communication by creating novel products and providing comprehensive solutions and services to top-tier corporations in this field.

Furthermore, SciComm X has various projects under its belt, for which it won the Google News Initiative Innovation Challenge for 2021 and 2022. 


Believing in the power of its core message, SciComm X has provided its services to a clientele of 00+ companies, including international entities, and worked on 000+ events, growing into the clients’ most reliable consulting firm in science communications.

SciComm X’s Methodology

SciComm X has cultivated a robust standing amongst its clients through its reliance on three critical components that ensure an exceptional experience: evaluation, strategic planning, and flawless implementation. As a result, clients have placed full confidence in our ability to provide support and direction.

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Our goal


Since first launched, our ultimate goal has always been providing our clients with the services they ask for, not the services we see fit more! We may give our opinion, but it’s your satisfaction we always seek!




We are strongly committed to protecting our clients’ data, giving them both guarantee and peace of mind. Your business data is in safe hands!